For as far back as I can remember, I have been obsessed with the written word. Words are so powerful and I just love stumbling upon clever combinations of them. Almost everyone I know has wanted to be a writer at some point, and it’s understandable as reading is so much fun. While I love reading and I love writing, I’m realistic enough to know that I’m probably not going to make a living off of it.

So, that’s what this is: the indulgence of a thirty-something, full-time working wife and mother. It’s a conduit for something I enjoy doing and if it can bring entertainment to others, that is even more rewarding.

I am a Las Vegas native, and by “native” I truly mean born and raised, not “I moved here twenty years ago so I’m practically a native.”

No, I do not live in a casino, though as a child my family of six spent a brief stint in one during a bout of homelessness.

No, I do not work on the The Strip (in fact I avoid it like the plague).

I’ve never danced on a pole and the only stripping I do is for my husband.

I’m blessed with a closeknit group of friends and family who I’ve shared many wonderful adventures with. This is the best and  most I can offer up about myself. What else do you need to know?

I am Sawyer Belle.


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