A Thing of Beauty

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the beautiful things in my life, the things I seriously, truly love. Rather than try to write something pithy or significant about blessings and love and all of that really good stuff, I’ll just make a list.

I make beautiful children. I seriously do. I was staring at both of them today and they are just beautiful, inside and out.

A glass of good wine is a beautiful thing. It tastes good, cools my throat and warms my cheeks, and it helps me relax out of my own head.

When it’s clean, my house is beautiful. So, right now, it’s beautiful. I was folding my laundry in my kitchen (cuz it’s right next to the laundry room) and I was looking out at my home. The wood floors, the bookshelves, the fireplace, the piano, the family portraits and captured memories hung all over the place. Just beautiful. I love my home.

The weather in the Southwestern US is beautiful. We are guaranteed hiking weather all year round and are greeted with spectacular sun shows with each dawn and dusk.

My husband’s love for me is beautiful. It’s so nice to feel loved and desired.

Good book reviews are beautiful – a validating, fulfilling thing of beauty.

Good sleep on a good mattress.

The tiny three-year-old voice that greets me each morning with a, “Good morning, sunshine! Did you have a good sleep?”

The happy and unwavering loyalty and devotion of my golden retrievers, Daisy and Dixie.



Garlic-stuffed olives.

Wonderful parents.

The love of the Lord.

No matter what else comes into my life, good or bad, these things will always be beautiful, and I pray they’ll always be here.

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