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5 Silvery Stars!

Come check out what KT Book Reviews had to say about Silver Nights With You!

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The Countdown Begins!!

It’s amazing how time gets away, isn’t it? When you work in accounting (haven’t quite earned Nora Roberts status yet) the whole first quarter of the year is snipped from you. Zap. Gone – just like that. It’s hard to do anything but crunch numbers and clean up balance sheets.

Having said that…

I DID manage to complete the second installment in the Love in the Sierras Series, and the sequel to Silver Nights With You. Ladies and gentlemen, in seven days, you will see the release of an instant favorite of mine with two characters you will never forget. Mark your calendars for April 1st, and the release of Desert Sunrise!

Just to whet your appetite, enjoy this excerpt:

When she returned to the room, Val was curled into a fetal position. She studied him for a long moment during which he shivered several times. She grabbed a blanket from the trunk behind the sofa and softly laid it over him. He snuggled into it and sighed, and she couldn’t hold back the small smile tugging at her lips.

Her eyes traced his jawline up to his mouth. His lips looked soft and warm, as they had earlier in the day when he’d held her in the spring and she was merely inches from them. She slid her tongue out over her lips, wondering how they would feel against his. What kind of kisser was Valentine Kelly? His eyes fluttered open, drunkenly, and she spun around before he could read her thoughts.

Once she shed her duster, she knelt before the hearth and piled bits of kindling beneath a tent of thicker logs and lit a fire. When its flames were fully stoked, she turned to find Val sitting up again, his hooded gaze traveling her body.

“Hot damn, Collette. I had no idea what a fine figure you cut beneath your gowns.”

“If you vant to see how vell I cut,” she held the fire poker aloft, “carry on speaking to me like zat.”

He chuckled and laid his head back against the cushion. “You feisty little Frenchie. That’s what I call you, you know?”

“I have noticed, Monsieur.”

He said nothing, but studied the flare of her hips accentuated by the robe, and though she knew he could see nothing of her skin, she felt the singe of her flesh just the same. She crossed her arms over her chest, and he chuckled again, reaching out to pat the empty cushion.

“Why don’t you come here beside me? You’re starting to tempt me and my mobility is somewhat limited.”

She snorted. “In your present state, I’m sure you’d find a pig tempting.”

He raised his eyebrows in thought, then nodded. “Perhaps. But you’re a close second.”

A thin breath scraped through her lips and into her lungs. “If I’m close to anything, it’s to hitting you on the head and ridding me of the nuisance.”

He smiled, suddenly looking far more sober than he had a few moments earlier. “I promise to go to bed like a good boy…if you kiss me goodnight.”

Collette looked at the ceiling and massaged the bridge of her nose. “As romantic as it is to kiss a man whose tongue has just scraped the insides of another woman’s throat, I believe I will pass on the offer.” She stood, ignoring the slight curl of his lips and the knowing look in his eyes. “If you need another blanket, there are some in the trunk.”

Without a backward glance, she entered her room and climbed into bed with Helene.


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What? Something free AGAIN?

Love of a Lioness was the first of my stories that I was really, truly, super DUPER excited about. It went all the way to the quarter finals in the Amazon Breakthrough New Author contest in 2013 – in the top 25 out of 10,000 manuscripts! It’s my favorite and the one I go back and re-read most often, and…oddly…it is the one that I forget to promote!

So, I’ve dusted off the cobwebs and am putting this one out there FOR FREE for the next five days!!

Pick it up while you can, and feel free to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, or wherever you want!

ABNA quarterfinalist, on the Regan’s Best List for Historical Romance Review website, never received less than a 4 star rating. But, hey, don’t take our word for it. Check it out yourself. Adventure, love, history, revenge…it’s all there in

Love of a Lioness!

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