Insider Information

With the Monday release of Silver Nights With You just days away, I thought it would be cool to give readers a glimpse into the real places that inspired the events in the novel. I’ll post some photos here and the chronological order in which they appear in the story. Enjoy the photo tour!

Here are a few shots of the valley view that weary travelers came upon after weeks of dry desert, and the site of Morgan’s future ranch…

The bar where Morgan and Val took their hard-earned whisky after a day in the mines…

The house that inspired Ellie’s boarding house (before and after restoration photos)…

The building that housed Virginia City’s newspaper, The Territorial Enterprise…

Gold Hill and Virginia City, Nevada city views and mines…

The Opera House…

The Silver Queen -with a modern edge…

St. Mary’s Church…



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2 responses to “Insider Information

  1. Sandi

    Oh my gosh those pictures are fabulous! I can hardly wait to read their story now that I have the background for it in my mind:)

  2. I love these places, Sandi! As soon as it’s out in print, I’ll send it your way!

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