Does anyone remember that scene in the movie Overboard when Kurt Russel comes home and finds Goldie Hawn sitting in the chair, staring listlessly while mumbling “bububububububububububbub”? That’s kinda how I feel these days.

What happened to my breather? The start of a new year is supposed to be like a hit of the reset button, but my life has kept plunging forward and I am so breathless, not to mention the fact that I’m sure my liver is going to start pounding my side with angry fists to protest the constant imbibing! And that is because since the start of 2014 I’ve celebrated two birthdays, hosted an engagement party, a late-night dinner party, an early-morning breakfast party, a rip-roaring book club all-nighter (cuz that’s just how we are in our club), an all-day wedding dress shopping extravaganza and attended a Superbowl party.

And on the exhausting, more painful side…since the new year began I’ve gone through three weeks of enduring sickness, which has resulted in five doctor appointments (each with an average wait time of 3 hours, apparently my pediatrician is also the pediatrician of the children of the Sister Wives…whatever that means). I’ve been buried at work with year-end tax preparation and processing, I broke a toe, burned three fingers on my left hand, completed a half-marathon, shoveled thirty wheelbarrows full of rock, tilled soil and dug up water lines in my back yard to prep for a garden. Oh yeah – and in between all of this, normal life carries on with work, lessons, sports, housework and trying to find time to write, edit and promote my books.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something in there….but anyway, the purpose of this post is to apologize for my lack of interaction and to those of you who have sent me personal messages and emails on GR and FB, sorry for my lack of response. I have been overwhelmed and I will respond as soon as possible.

Bring on February!!


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