Cover Fun

After nearly a decade-long hiatus from manipulation software I have felt like a kid at Christmas this past month, reacquainting myself with the visually-artistic side of novels. I paid an artist for my cover to Big Sky Eyes, but there was a needling inside me, a gnawing feeling that I could save myself some money by doing the artwork myself. I won’t lie, those first three weeks were painful, nail-bitingly, extra-glass-of-wine-to-calm-me-down kinda painful. I almost threw in the towel and figured myself too inept, but…it’s just not in me to quit like that. So, I persevered and began having just so much fun in the process. I now have my next two covers ready. You know what that means? I can now get back to editing the manuscripts so that they can be published already! Hang in there, friends. All of your support has been humbling. I’m working my tail off to get you some more reading material. In the meantime, enjoy the eye candy and tell me what you think!!

Love of a LionessSilver Nights With You

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October 22, 2013 · 12:45 am

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