Just who is my “him” anyway?

Ever since BSE went live and has picked up a readership there has been quite a stir surrounding my vague dedication at the beginning of the book, and everyone wants to know: who is the “him” I dedicated the book to? Well…I’m not telling. 🙂 There are several reasons for this. Number one, most people won’t know him anyway so it’d just be a name and as Shakespeare said, what’s in a name? Secondly, it doesn’t matter. Don’t we all have a “him”?

He is the person who bowls you over, turns you inside out and twists everything you thought you were until you feel like a fish out of water, slowly suffocating while you try to figure which way is up or down. He’s that person who teases your heart open for the first time in your life. Sometimes, we never recover from “him.” Sometimes, we end up with “him.” Other times we end up with the right person. 

I appreciate my “him.” If I didn’t have him, I would never have been able to write BSE, or recognize true, reciprocated love. I think every growing young lady needs a “him” (preferably not until after the age of 20 as I think of my own little lady). The key is to have a “him” who is worthy of such unconditional devotion, who is everything our rose-colored affection has made him out to be. Mine was worthy, which is why he earned a dedication.  


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