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Website on the way!

Once I make up my mind to do something, I go all out. I have decided to self-publish and see what happens. I wanted to wait until I had a good, solid, three-to-four books to publish simultaneously because I know that as a reader, when I find an author I like I tend to read all of their books. And keep checking back for more. That, and it’s hard to have a website and an online presence for just one book I think. Anyway, I’ve got someone working on the editing for me, snazzy (and I think awesome) book covers are on the way, and the website is almost complete. It’s actually very exciting for me. It’s been fun to extend the creative process beyond the stories. Also, it’s exciting to see years’ worth of work being prepped to go live. Scary, for sure, but exciting.

Somehow during all of this I managed to complete my manuscript for my latest…Silver Nights With You.

Now, I do not generally like western romance stories, and I haven’t really read that many. I was reading about the fascinating history of Northern Nevada, the Comstock Lode and all of the other interesting silver mines in the Silver State. The stories, the reality, the setting was so rife with drama that it just begged for a romance. I just had to write Morgan and Lila’s story. Plus, it reminded me a lot of my college days up in Reno, combing the area with camera in hand for homework, spending nights in the old buildings of Virigina City looking for ghosts (really!) and hearing tall tales of the wild west days of the area.

I’m hoping to finish another story by the end of the year. This is one that I’ve been working on for almost a year now. I took a break about six months ago to work on Silver Nights With You, but I am anxious to get back to it. It takes place in the late-17th century, starting off in London and ending in Jamaica, with a bit in the American Colonies in between. I am thoroughly in love with my leads in this story. They are different than the leads in my other stories. Rather than being mostly good with a few flaws, these two are wickedly flawed with just enough goodness to love them. There is much going on in life and with the oncoming holidays, I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to devote to Brynlea and Rafe, but my goal is to start 2014 off with another steamy story!

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