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Looking Back

One of the best parts of writing is revisiting the moments in your past that are worthy enough to make it into print. Now, I’ll be honest – there is a little bit of my experiences, and the people I’ve shared them with, in every book I’ve written. There is one story in particular that has more of me in it than any of the others and it has been unexpectedly emotional to look back and remember those feelings again.

It was eons ago and that chapter of my life is definitely closed but it’s almost like jumping back into my younger self. Every feeling, every hope, is so intense in the way that only youth and innocence can produce. It’s easy to be swept up by emotions that seemed larger-than-life at the time and I sometimes wish I could harness the fearlessness of my youth to love as fiercely, live as hopefully, and believe in the constant triumph of good over evil. There is something endearing about being so green.

However, I do believe that growth and character can only form while plodding through the defeats of life. It’s in the downturns that we realize what we are capable of, what we can withstand. And there is definitely something to be said for knowing your own strength. When I was younger, I was fearless because I had no idea how painful life can be. Now, I have respect for that pain…and confidence that I can survive it. And that’s worth more than all of the dreams cast in my zealous youth.

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