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Giggles and Giddiness

When I saw that my book, Love of a Lioness, made it through to the second round of the Amazon contest, I was speechless. I really hadn’t expected the thing to go anywhere. Still, I told myself that the first round acceptances were based off of a 300-word pitch and that my book may still not be the right fit for the contest. When I saw that the manuscript progressed to the quarter-finals, I don’t think I breathed for a full minute as I stared at the screen, shaking my head in disbelief. This round’s cuts were based off of the first 3000-5000 words of the book. As it stands in the contest now, 10,000 manuscripts have been reduced to 500. The leap into the semi-finals, however, is going to be huge, as Publishers Weekly editors will be reading full manuscripts and reducing the number of semi-finalists to 25.

I still don’t see my book moving forward, but I must admit that every time I think of a professional editor reading something I’ve written, I giggle. I have just been so pleasantly surprised each month to see my book on the list moving forward. I really never expected it and though the chances of it moving any further in the contest are extrememly remote, I have been beyond thrilled to have made it this far.

An unexpected by-product of progressing in the contest is that my family members have been beyond excited and proud, begging me to send them the book so that they can read it. So, I have had several people read the book now and I have received some very humbling and inspiring feedback. Writing is all about touching people, creating an experience for them that they appreciate, and I feel I’ve done that.

And that makes me so happy…and so proud of my little sea-faring adventure!

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