Womenfolk to the Rescue!

One can always count on her bookclub friends to offer honest criticism! So, in a desperate attempt to actually get this thing published, I now have five astute pairs of eyes reading the final draft. Looking forward to the feedback! My many thanks to the ladies of the His Name Was Robert Paulson Book Club. You are stellar shipmates.

In other news, I’ve entered one of my books into the Amazon Breakthrough Author Contest. Don’t worry, I don’t have any delusions of winning, even though they do have a romance category. I think Amazon’s idea of a romance novel is more akin to the writings of Nicholas Sparks or Stephanie Meyers, not the bodice-ripping, steamy, Harlequin-esque type I’ve written. Still, it’s a small step for a coward to release her work to anonymous eyes.

Ironically, my talented hubby has also submitted a book. So, truth be told, I’m really rooting for him! 😛


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