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The Fear is Here

Okay, so that other pair of astute eyes I was counting on is SLACKING!! Yep – that’s right! My draft has been sitting, unread, on a shelf since July (that’s three months now). The problem with allowing time to stretch between you and the completion of your goal is that it opens the door for fear to claim your confidence.

People have told me to just publish it already. Some have been bugging me about wanting to buy it on their kindles. Others knock down my anxieties by reminding me that I have degrees in both journalism and English and a near addiction to history. Still, they are not the ones who are putting their own words out there for all to criticize and ridicule.

Once it’s out there – it’s out there and can’t be recalled. The sad thing is that my fear has now replaced my excitement for the project. So, I’ve got to find a way to get that back, and then get it out there!

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