The Making of a Mind

Kind of an off-topic post, considering that all of my other ones thus far have been about my own writing journey, but I am nearly bursting at my marginally-stretched seams with pride right now. My little kindergartener just won first place in a Young Authors competition at his school yesterday. All of the students were required to write and illustrate their own stories for the contest. They were judged independently and my son took home the gold (cue the crazy, crying, wildly-cheering Mother dance)!

It was one of those rare moments you experience as a parent when you feel like the decisions you’ve made were the right ones. My husband and I do not have television in our home, and from the day my son was born I have been adamant that he not spend any time glaring slack-jawed and glossy-eyed at the tube for hours on end. For the first two years of his life, he never even saw so much as a movie. He does not play video games.

We were filling out a survey the other day as part of a mother-son project and one of the questions asked about giving up TV for the rest of your life. My son, 6, looked at me and asked “What’s TV?” and I felt really good about that. I’ve been blasted more times than I care to recall about my snobby views toward the glowing neon babysitter and have been lambasted for supposedly depriving my child of a fun or magical childhood. And to all of that I say this:

My son wrote his first book and illustrated it at the age of four. It was called “Poppy Poppy Popcorn Noodle,” about a character who travels to Australia. At the age of six, he is reading books like The Hatchet and Call of the Wild and he loves them! He can read music, is solving math problems at the third-grade level, cleans his own room and bathroom, builds ships out of Legos, believes his father is a hero and loves his mother dearly. Oh yeah – and he is winning young author contests. He is happy, healthy, imaginative, analytical, artistic, kind and sweet-hearted, and has not suffered one damn day of his life for missing out on Dora and Spongebob.

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